Cleaning equipment for all industries and laundry


Issues in the field of operating and personal hygiene take an even larger space in most industries . At the same time the legislature  increases the requirements applicable to the product, operating and personnel hygiene. Through information, root cause analysis and creating individual solutions, the Heim EDT UG is your competent partner in the rapid resolution of these issues.


Heim - EDT UG  place the focus on an optimal hygienic design as an important facet of quality. Heim-EDT UG  builds on the high flexibility of its employees and the continuous improvement of process-oriented operations and the products based on the current customer requirements. The aim of our customers, the development towards product safety, have we written on our flag.

Advantages of Heim-EDT Products

  • Costomized manufacturing
  • Excellent wash results through the use of high quality parts
  • Hygienic design
  • Filter system to reduce water consumption 
  • Responsible dosage of detergents
  • Easy operation


  • Quick delivery time of spare parts
  • Technicians visit you at any time
  • Replacement and spare parts in the usual quality